Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

  • Leading contractors (small-medium)
  • Impressive customer service at all levels
  • Fair price, keeping up with technology
  • Contribute to the environment
  • Structural work , Architectural work ,Electrical work – electrical communication,
    Air conditioning and ventilation work , plumbing and sanitation work,
    fire suppression system and excellent energy conservation system The value of the work is not more than 200 million baht / job.
    and by the year 2022 must have an annual work value of not less than 700 million baht.
    Focus on Grade A customers, build a network throughout the chain, beginning, middle, and end.
  • Continuously improve efficiency and productivity throughout the supply chain.
  • Create innovations to keep up with technology Support to protect the environment is a learning organization
    and continually develop the organization in accordance with the world trend
  • Be transparent, fair, verifiable and impress customers, employees,
    Partners, Partners and Society

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